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Semi - Precious Beads and Stones

Semi Precious Cabochons, Various Shapes

Highly polished, convex-cut nonfaceted gem. They are smooth, have a flat back for mounting and come in various shapes and sizes.

Semi Precious Lentils On 16" Strands

Semi Precious Round Beads - Full Listing with Prices, Over 100 Type of Stones & Over 10 sizes

offering the largest inventory of Semi Precious Beads.

Semi Precious Large Hole Beads (1.5mm), Packs of 100 Pieces

Genuine Chinese Turquoise Fancy Beads, Semi Precious

Genuine Chinese Turquoise, Various Sizes and Shapes, Semi Precious

Denim Dyed Quartz

New Jade

Mohave Green Turquoise

Round, Rice, Rondelles a Cabochons

Semi Precious Beads Kyanite

Semi Precious Mohave Green Turquoise

Semi Precious Half Drilled Beads

Semi Precious Tear Drops, Half Drilled On Top

Semi Precious Tear Drops Drilled Thru Center

Semi Precious Hearts - Half Drilled

Semi Precious Hearts Strands (16")

Semi Precious Hoops

Semi Precious Moonstone

Semi Precious No Hole Balls

Semi Precious Lentils on 16" Strand

Black Star Diopside

Carved "S" Fluted & Melon 16" Strands

Fancy Beads

Flat Bean Beads

Half Moon Beads

Semi Precious Round Cylinder & Heishi On 16" Strands


Swirl, Prism, & Baroque 16" Strands