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Colors Chart: (alphabetical Order)



Alabaster Translucent white
Alexandrite Pale lilac under normal light but sapphire under 
fluorescent light
Amethyst Purple
Aqua Baby Blue, Light to medium blue-green
Beige Opaque creamy tan
Black Diamond Grey
Blue Zircon Turquoise, Rich bluish green
Burgundy Opaque deep wine red
Capri Brilliant peacock blue
Chrysolite Pale pastel green
Cobalt Rich deep blue
Coral Tones of translucent to opaque reddish-orange
Crystal Colorless, clear
Emerald Green, Rich Green with blue tint
Fuchsia Hot Pink, Transparent to opaque vivid reddish purple
Garnet Very Dark Red, Deep wine red
Hematite Metallic dark gray
Hyacinth Orange
Jet Black
Jonquil Light Yellow
Lavendel Very pale blue
Lavander Opaque light purple
Light Amethyst Lavender
Light Colorado Topaz Tan
Light Rose Light Pink
Light Sapphire Periwinkle
Light Siam Light Bright Red
Madeira Topaz Rich reddish brown
Magenta Deep opaque purplish
Mauve Opaque pinkish lavender
Midnight Opaque deepest blue
Montana Navy Blue, Blue-gray
Morion Charcoal
Olivine Olive Green
Peridot Slightly yellowish green
Rose Transparent to opaque deep pink
Roselin Peachy-pink
Ruby Red
Siam Red
Smokye Gray Very light gray
Teal Transparent to opaque rich blue-green
Topaz Amber, Light golden brown to dark brown
Smoked Topaz Brown (Rootbeer)
Tortoise Striated topaz
Turquoise Opaque blue to green