Newsletter 04/08/2005

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Swarovski new Colors and Shapes

Latest Fashion Trends



What’s new?


Glimmering, shimmering SILK*, the new trend color in crystal components, is both subtle and sensual.
It finds a natural home on the gossamer glamour of lingerie and soft fabrics or adds a jeweled touch to accessories.

The warm golden and amber tones of Silk perfectly reflect the latest trends.

Exciting new shapes include the pleasingly squared Crystal Golden Shadow with its suggestion of light and shadow,
a metaphor of oscillation between retro and contemporary styles.


The new Polygon Bead, an angular and very modern interpretation of the clean lines of Bauhause architecture and
the desire to keep pace with the modern lifestyle.


Crystal Glaze, stunning starry pinpoints of glitter from up to 3000 tiny crystals adhered to a sheet of black
or transparent silicone, is an innovation that allows crystal designs to be sewn or glued to garments, accessories,
home accessories and even packaging.


Crystal Pearl Mesh, also in the trend color SILK captures tiny, pearly crystal spheres in a cobweb of metal mesh
to create a crossover from old world charm to slick, modern fashion statements.


Crystal Pear-shaped Pearl and the new LIGHT BLUE CRYSTAL PEARL color are both redolent of the oceans of
the world and the harmony of nature.


Crowning the new trend-oriented component collection is a sew-on version of the brilliant XILION,
the patented technology breakthrough by Swarovski that created a jewelry stone able to capture more
points of light than any crystal yet produced.



The new color-SILK

A color like silk; pure and natural, soft and sensuous, dreamy, elegant and sophisticated. For sparkling jewelry,
shimmering fabrics, brilliant accessories, from shoes through to purses.

Silk makes a pure effect tone-on-tone, but is also the ideal complement for other colors, such as Crystal,
Shadow Crystal, Light Peach, Light Amethyst and Light Colorado Topaz. A wide variety of components
are available in Silk-Chatons, Flat Backs and Beads, together with Cupchains, Crystal Mesh and Transfers.

Crystals are now appearing on everything, from jewelry, accessories, lingerie to leather, furnishings and fabric,
paper and packaging. There are thousand other users for what become one of the world’s most versatile creative mediums.



We at World of Beads and Crystals will continue to bring you up to date information about new colors, shapes and designs.


We will post within few days new shapes and colors that will be available to be purchased.

We will also introduce new mixed beads.

Please stay tune to our web site and the news letters, new information and products will be added almost daily.




Just arrived! New inventory of Swarovski innovations:

5203 Polygon Bead 12X8 mm, 18X12 mm

3204 Sew-On 8mm, 10mm, 12mm

6058 Pendant  18mm, 25mm

All above available with the traditional colors of Swarovski  and the new colors of GOLDEN SHADOW  and SILK


Also, Silk and Golden Shadow colors are available for:

5000, 5601, 5301, 5040, 2028, 1028, 6010, 6202, 3128.


Above items will be posted on our web site within few days. Quantities are limited and will be sold based on first in first served.


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


World of Beads and Crystals



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