Newsletter  09/22/2005



Our great news: group acquired a new division. within the next few days will be ready to open our new facility for a production line of
findings for the fine jewelry, fashion jewelry and fashion accessories industry. We will be utilizing various methods of
production like Precision Metal Machining, Stamping and Castings, soldering, welding, etc.


This division will produce standard and custom made findings.


Custom made findings and accessories from a Blue print or concept to completion.


We will be offering various plating finishes, Silver, Sterling Silver, Gold, Vermeil, Anodized, Antique and more…


Remember, more metals parts you use, less beads will be required. Your jewelry will be enhanced and will look more upscale,
almost as fine jewelry utilizing CZ, gems, or Diamonds.


Every person with some basic tools that can be found in the hardware store can produce at home jewelry –
but not every person can produce metal parts or castings at home or at their shop.


For more information, please stay tune to our news. We will e-mail you next week additional information.



New!!! Swarovski Squardelles are in stock now. We have 5, 7, 8 mm in stock. We will upload to our web server
the pricing information by Monday.



New!!! New designs and ideas, Autumn/winter colors for beads and crystals will be posted by Monday.


Coming soon: A new buying group for Swarovski and Czech beads and crystals.

We will advise you the date next week.


Our web site  went this summer through a major renovation.
We are always under construction and we always are adding new products.

Our prices were modifies, by offering factory packages, we reduced the costs.


We always guarantee to offer you the lowest prices! Browse our web site for additional information.


Offering you the largest selection of beads and crystals made by Swarovski and Preciosa (Czech Republic)


Always feel free to post questions or suggestions. In order to eliminate Spam, all postings will be moderated.

Sincerely yours,


The staff of



Soon you will be able to combine your grocery, gifts or other items with your beads and crystals orders. One package-One shipment.