Newsletter 11/15/2007


Special Sale:


A special sale will start Friday 11/16/2007at 7:00AM (Eastern Time) untilSunday Night 12:00AM.


At this sale we will not charge the additional surcharge of 22.6% for the difference between the Euro and the US Dollar.

Swarovski article numbers 3000, 4000 are excluded from the waiver of the surcharge.


We would like to remind our customers that we have on line about 35,000 items. We are still working to load the rest of our inventory which represents over 40,000 items.

We are trying our best to have all the items published on the web ASAP.


Many of our customers are familiar with our inventory and capabilities and they do contact us for items that are not published yet on the web.


We would like also to bring to your attention that our company owns another division that designs and produces castings, stamped items, filigree items and many more metal parts. We will be glad to evaluate your requirements and design for you the proper findings.


More information will be posted in our web site within few days. You will be also notified by E-Mail.


Again, ifyou donít see an item in our web site,we can assure you that 95% of the time, we do carry or producing the item.

We are justan e-mail click from you. For faster service please click on our contact form .

A prompt answer will be submitted to you ASAP


Thanks again for doing business with you.


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